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A native of Southwest Virginia, since California legalized recreational cannabis has always dreamed of working in the cannabis industry. He has several years of experience in growing while also learning as the industry grows and changes.
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A native of Southwest Virginia, left the area to get his start in the Cannabis Industry in 2008. Starting in California and traveling to other legal states to master his craft, he has worked with many industry leaders and pioneers. With over thirty years of experience and twenty of them being in the commercial side of the industry, he decided to bring his knowledge and expertise back home to Virginia’s newest cannabis industry.

We know how to grow and can educate you about the best lighting systems and product for your space and budget to keep your leaves healthy.

Sam Altizer
Sam Altizer
I was greeted when I walked in, and helped by very knowledgeable staff. I was also able to find EVERYTHING I was looking for here. If there is something they don't carry, they can get it for you quick! They also have the lowest prices of any Hydroponics store I've seen.
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