Hydroponic Farming

In conventional agriculture, soil supports a plant’s roots – helping it to remain upright – and provides it with the nutrients it needs to grow. In hydroponics, plants are artificially supported, and a solution of ionic compounds provides nutrients instead.
The thinking behind this is simple. Plant growth is often limited by environmental factors by applying a nutrient solution directly to a plant’s roots in a controlled environment, a farmer can ensure that the plant always has an optimal supply of water and nutrients. This nutritional efficiency makes the plant more productive.
The solution can be delivered in several ways. A plant may be:

  • Placed in an inert substance (such as volcanic glass perlite or rock wool) and
    have its roots periodically flooded with the solution.
  • Placed in an inert substance and rained on by a solution dripper.
  • Suspended with its roots in the air, with these then sprayed with solution mist.
  • Placed on a slightly sloping film that allows the solution to trickle over its roots.

All these systems are mechanized in one way or another, usually using either a pump or a mister to deliver the solution from a separate store. The solution is also usually aerated to ensure that the roots are supplied with adequate oxygen. Mineral absorption requires energy and is powered by respiration.

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