Hydroponic Farming

In conventional agriculture, soil supports a plant’s roots – helping it to remain upright – and provides it with the nutrients it needs to grow. In hydroponics, plants are artificially supported, and a solution of ionic compounds provides nutrients instead. The thinking behind this is simple. Plant growth is often limited by environmental factors by […]

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Hydroponic Benefits

With Hydroponics becoming an increasingly more preferred method of growing crops within the gardening world, many growers and gardeners are deciding whether to use hydroponics in their gardens or grow rooms. There are many advantages when it comes to growing crops using the hydroponic system. If you are currently undecided in which system best suits

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How does hydroponics work?

In hydroponics, plants get sunlight from the sun or grow lights, carbon dioxide from the air, and water from the nutrient solution you provide them. In nature, the soil is needed to provide nutrients and to support the plant. Growers eliminate the nutritional need for soil by mixing nutrient-rich liquids or powders with water to

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